Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Comic Fiesta 2011

Weeee it's past a week =v=

I'm a procastinator.

So...I didn't really know  what to write beside that yeay, I have lots of fun? lol.

So..Went as an original character, a maid!!!
Muahahaha~ Along with Aki and Chii.

Aki is the hmm...classic cheerful maid with guns, and Chii is the Moe Maid~!
As for me, I'm supposed to be kinda like onee-sama feel de, but failed OTL

Hmm...Bad picture :/
Okay another one.

From left: Aki, me, Chii.

So...Went around CF taking pictures, and just chit chat. =w=

That's day 2. As for day 1, went as Lenalee Lee, and I joined in the OTP competition =w=
Yeay. Lol. Had fun singing with Kiki, eventhough I sounded shaky at the front lol. Still, love the chance of being able to <3

Mixed photos =w=

So...Nothing much to say~
Bye bye~!

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