Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm so..handsome. (lmao)

First attempt at crossplay xD

I uploaded a picture to Facebook, and they said I'm leng zai lmao.
So decided to upload more pictures for you guys to lyao. :D

Lol in case I'm an extreme big fail and you can't recognize the character, it's Lavi =v=;; (Why did I feel it was so nessesary to say this lol.)


 Marry me.

I bet you guys are wondering, why din't I use the eyepatch?
Well, I did, but sdfghjk it's freaking hard to see with one eye and take pictures. The angle keep going way to the side -_-; So to those people that cosplayed with one eye character, I seriously applause you.

Anyway, managed to take at least one decent photo with eyepatch. Well...I guess?



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