Monday, September 26, 2011

Lenalee progression

Hi~! I'm gonna blog about my Lenalee progression ^^

This is the first time I cosplay as Lenalee. The makeup is not obvious, so here's a close up photo.

Looking back, I realized how awful it was. There are no lashes, and that's a big mistake because Lenalee has very feminine lashes! -facepalm- How can I do this last time T^T And I should have created fake eyelid..Besides that, my hair is totally wrong. Lenalee have long bangs...OTL
And I din't apply blush..And my eyebrows. OTL Oh yeah, I should have wore circle lenses. OTL

So, here's another picture.

Hair still wrong, no blush, awful eyebrow, wrong lens color ( OMG how could I use blue lens =A= Wtf am I thinking..) Wrong type of eyelash..And I din't have mascara, can still see my original lash ...-.-"
And my smile is WEIRD.

So, next.

Okay, better wig. Got a new one. So, this time I drew even more obvious fake eyelid. Somehow, it's weird, so I remove it a little, and become...

Better. But it's too moe =A= Lenalee is not moe T^T So I remove white waterline and replace with black.

Not so moe I guess..Anyway, I need another type of eyelash, those that are more bushy..And my eyebrows..Should have done them..And blush, I din't apply at all. Another big mistake. 

I'll try and keep on improving. >A<!!!

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