Monday, June 6, 2011

C2age 2011

I cosplayed as Lenalee Lee at c2age 2011 :D (First cosplay!)

I went for both days. My brother din't go on the first day, so I solo lol. And at least, meet another cute Lavi xD

It's great fun, though the high heels hurt like hell...FYI, it's my first time wearing high heels that time....So yeah.
And by the way, the Lavi is my brother xD
(I mix the picture of first and second day together =w= )

DANBO!!! >w<

 The first day~ LAVI! This Lavi is not my brother =w=

 Fran xD

 Lol~ Red and black, my favourite colours <3

 Red~ Lalala~

 You know guys, D.Gray-Man rocks. If you haven't watch the anime yet, WATCH IT!

Me and Sally-Chan as Neko Maid XD

It's certainly a memorable cosplay experience.

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