Wednesday, July 13, 2011

JIgoku Shoujo- Enma Ai

Jigoku Shoujo. Hell Girl. I watched it before on Animax, but thats a long time ago..Planning to re-watch it since I've forgotten it..  :/

.Anyway, I got my red lens some time ago, and it's great :D
Super Barbie Donna Red :D
Well, I put it on, and then suddenly feel like playing with makeup.
So I just mess around and came up with...


 In the toilet XD

Ahhh I want a photoshoot~~ Looking for photographer now =w=
And I haven't make my Voodoo Doll yet orz..
Looking for unwanted broom xD

Well, end of post LOL =w=

1 comment:

  1. jigoku shoujo cosplay. ur so awesome, i so envy with u, because u can make a cosplay for that anime, but i cant mmake too :''
    tears was coming now #haha LOL i'm just kidding