Monday, May 30, 2011

Wig untangling :D

Hey guys :D See my Miku wig, it's tangled into all types of directions ._. I never though that a long wig can be so damn hard to take care of OTL...Anyway, cosplayer or whoever in the same boat with me, I found a solution to untangle it :D

 Like dunno what -.-

 Tangled to all sorts of directions -.-

Hand got stuck.

So, the steps:

1) Wash your wig with cold water, and apply mild shampoo. (Children's shampoo recommended)
2) Rinse off shampoo and apply conditioner.
3) Before washing away the conditioner, gently run your finger down the wig and gently pull away any tangles. After that comb it. (If the tangle are too hard to remove, cut the tangle and try again)
4) Rinse of the conditioner.
5) Press the wig gently using a towel. (Don't rub it!)
6) Let it air dry ( DO NOT use hairdryer -.-)
7) Before it's completely dry, straighten it because it will still be frizzy eventhough it's not tangled anymore. (For heat resistance wig only!)

Pull it lightly and quickly to avoid burning the wig.

8) After that, apply leave on conditioner. And then...The results will be.....


YAY ^^ Good luck :D

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