Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sen and Chihiro!

My costume arrived yesterday!!

Okay, if you see in the cospay plan, I just posted my plans for Chihiro and Sen just now xD
I din't have the time to update this blog before, so yeah, I know it's kind of weird ._.
A story: (Skip if you want xD)

I'm expecting it to reach yesterday, but I have school, so I asked my mum to watch out for me. Then at 12.30pm, when school finish, my mum come and fetch me. Just as she went out, the postmen arrive!! The kids my mum looked after were at home, but they din't dare to pick up the intercom. (I live in a condo)
And they called my mum, but my mum couldn't turn back, she were rushing -.-
After I knew I just missed the postman, I was like, WHAT?!! I'm so eagerly waiting for it to arrive!
After I got home, I called the postmen ( He missed called me) and he says sorry, I'm already far from your place. My expression,--> Q_Q LOL okay just some expression xD
But then he suddenly pause and said, 'maybe I can turn back, call you again later when I reach', then he hang up. I'm like, O_O" then turn to, 8D!!! LOL. And I got my costume afterall YAY.



The wig is killing me yesterday ._.
I can't tie it up, and it looks really ugly behind. It's so frizzy! T^T

 See what I meant?

Anyway, managed to tie it like this.

Okay, ignore the wig, I'm loving the costume :D

Yeah, I still lack the ribbon.

>w< Cosplay FTW!!!

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