Sunday, April 10, 2011


Meiko is my favourite character from Vocaloid :3

Lol..I don't know why, I just to ._.

My sister and two of my friends say I looked like her lol xD Minus the fat part =w="
So, after stalking Meiko more and more, I love her more and more and decide to cos her XD

Sexy =w=" I really must lose weight so that I won't look ugly while cos-ing her...After a month, I only lost 4cm from my waist T^T Is it gonna be that hard??? wooo....

Well, I'm gonna ask my maid's friend to help me make the costume xD I've bought the fabric :D Now all I need to do is wait for my maid to go back to Indonesia and come back again xD

Well, koko made de~ Jya~


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