Sunday, April 10, 2011


So, I went shopping with my mum and sister today! :D

We went to KL, near the PWTC there lol...Don't know what's that place called...What what Abdub Rahman... ._."
Anyway, we went there to hunt for fabric 8D
You see, my maid is going back to Indonesia, and in her kampung, there are some tailor~ So I asked her to make me some outfit and pleated skirt :)

I ordered Meiko default, Enma Ai, and 2 pleated skirt, gray and black =3=

Meiko's fabric! xD

Well, after that we hunt for k-on navy blue blazer...We did found some, but it's too expensive Q_Q
Until we went to Mydin 8D
Found out that is in reasonable price, and of course I bought it >w<


Fabric that I bought today ^^ That's gray, not white lol...Anyway, happy >w<


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