Saturday, April 2, 2011

Megurine Luka

Okay...Actually, this is kind of a 'sudden' plan..

I love Luka's 'Just Be Friends', and I planned to cosplay that version of hers.

I've bought the dress, and I only need the wig. So I browse around, looking for a suitable wig, and also browse Luka's original photo to see her hair. And that's when I suddenly took a liking to her default version. ._.

Don't ask me why. I don't know. The feeling is just there I guess. Well, it ended up with me ordering her default version costume lol.

Woots...Sexy eh? Lol. I wonder how will I look like cosplaying her since I'm short and plump ._."
Hopefully it won't turn out ugly >< DIET!! lol.

The just be friends version :D I have a similiar dress, except that it is kinda lacy..But I think it'll turn out all right. >w< And I have Yuu, my twinnie, to be my partner x3

The dress :3 You can't see the lace, but it is lacy~

And of yeah, I've also bought a similiar dress of Luka's magnet xD
Lol~ I'm going mad on cosplay ._."


:3 I love this dress XD
Well, I need a white belt with black lace though...I'll buy a white belt and put black lace on it, then it's done! >:3


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