Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Read Malaysia cosplay competition

Lol. Cosplayed as Meiko to the event, and competed in the cosplay competition, group categeory =w=
Our story is simple. Wayyy too simple. Since it's last minute =w= And it's my first time in a cosplay competition...><

Me as Meiko, Yukiko as Len, and Jess as Rin.

My bff Aki asMio xD Spot her? lol. The stranger here xD

The members that take part in the contest. Chii as Luka, me as Meiko, Himejima as Miku, Yukiko as Len, and Miika as Gakupo :3

 After the contest. The contestant :)

 This picture is taken before the contest xD Upin and Ipin!!

 The wig...=A=

 Gakupo x Lily xD


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